Financial Innovation

The financial industry is undergoing fundamental changes. In banking, insurance or asset management, the data revolution together with artificial intelligence are affecting the relationships with customers and are disrupting the forces that drive competition, at the same time as regulation is affecting new ways of doing business.

GGSJ’s Financial Engineering curriculum includes a comprehensive coverage of the contemporary elements of technology as it relates to the financial sector, from Machine Learning to BlockChains, from Data Science to new advances in regulation


Certificate in Financial Engineering


GGSJ Centre of Digital Management and Technology Innovation, based in Toronto Canada, is brought together by a group of Professors and practitioners worldwide. GGSJ has created the Certificate in Financial Engineering (CFE) to give individuals access to jobs and careers in a financial sector which is being disrupted by data analytics, technology and advances in regulation.

The CFE includes a training program delivered by GGSJ on-line with state-of-the-art learning management systems and taught by Professors and practitioners internationally. It is available to participants worldwide, and ends with an exam which leads to a Certificate issued by the Fields Institute, a partnership of Canadian Universities. GGSJ has a set of curated relationships with financial institutions worldwide, which will be a source of employment and career promotion for successful participants in the CFE.


Our Path to Success




A three-tier system allows participants to progress in their career at a flexible pace





The Educational Stream

Lectures run by the leading professionals worldwide give students rapid access to knowledge which is job-ready.

Instruction is given by leading academics, Professors at leading Universities and practitioners from industry who are often also employers to students


Our extensive list of industrial partners offer internship opportunities to students around the year to complete their training with practical hands-on experience


Our program is designed to get student jobs.

Our industrial partners are actively involved in the design of our curriculum to ensure a rapid transition to the job market.

The program is designed to allow students to participate while they work.




Universities and Financial Companies Working Together to Guarantee Your Succes


We have brought together a team from leading institutions worldwide to get you to your career in quantitative finance

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