Career Pathway; Study and Work

Program Start Date: April 12, 2021

Co-Op Term: July – August 2021


This School has been created to benefit the needs of students and graduates who wish to explore their industries and excel in all the skills needed to pursue a career. Gain practical work experience and develop your skills through academic studies and mentorship translated into career possibilities. 

Join our school for opportunities with industry leaders and to be taught by top professors from top universities from all around the world. Expand your connections globally, with unlimited access to our resources.


Pick your Direction

Set learning goals with your mentor(s), and engage with multiple Co-Op possibilities to get you a step in through a door that is right for you. 

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Strengthen your Skills

With individualized attention from your mentor, work on the development of necessary career skills to help better your future.

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Work in your Industry

Meet and network with leading professionals in your industry to help you access resources and possibilities that will boost you professionally, for a lifetime. 

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Financial Information

Program Fee: $5,000

  • Sign up with a friend and save 10% EACH
  • Receive a Certificate, and a personal letter of recommendation
  • Scholarships granted on a by-case basis, inquire in application
  • Minimum of first year university/college education

$1000/ month



Helping you achieve your career goals

Megan Vesely

OMERS Infrastructure
Vice President, Legal & Compliance

Prior to joining OMERS in 2018, Megan was the General Counsel, Compliance Officer and Corporate Secretary of Sigma Analysis & Management Ltd., where she was responsible for all legal, compliance, governance and regulatory matters. Prior to Sigma, Megan was an Associate at DLA Piper LLP, and worked in the New York and San Francisco offices as a member of the litigation, compliance, regulatory, investigation and insurance groups.

Tracy Barber

University of Toronto
Marketing, Advertising Specialist

I’ve helped organizations make sound decisions about the technology they use to build awareness of their causes. They’ve trusted me to tell their stories in ways that improved conversion rates in email campaigns and encouraged supporters to act. Operating a small business for 12 years in a highly competitive market made me a permission-based email and content marketing evangelist

Aamar Khwaja

Founder, CEO

Once a Wall Street banking professional with roles ranging from iBanking to Technology Management, Trading and Risk Management, Aamar found himself stuck and sick from his life and food.
Aamar channeled his years spent in business delivery, multi-level negotiation with large institutional clients, and programme management for JPMorgan/Bank America into an entrepreneurial solution to his own problem—Modgarden.

Laurie Rodgers

Toronto District School Board
Retired Teacher, Author

After over 30 years of teaching in primary education in Toronto, Laurie drew from personal experiences and fond memories of teaching children to read and write, to take on her dream of being an author.  She has extended her teaching career by tutoring young children in literacy and primary mathematics. “Where the Water Meets the Shore” is the first book that she has published.

Luis Seco

Sigma Analysis & Management, Director MMF University of Toronto, GGSJ, Angelstar GmbH
President, CEO, Director, Professor

Luis Seco is a co-founder and the President and CEO of Sigma Analysis & Management. He started his career in financial risk management in 1996, while a Professor at the University of Toronto, creating the RiskLab, a research center that serviced the financial sector in Toronto in the area of risk management. Sigma started in 1999 as a spin-off of research activity at the RiskLab. He is currently the Director of the Mathematical Finance Program at the University of Toronto.

Romeo Ware


A serial entrepreneur who has successfully developed and exited technical start-ups through all stages, building projects ranging from automating the process of applying for driver’s licenses to the mobile solution for Point of Sales system, and creating The Hockey Hall of Fame’s Virtual Tours. Initially trained as a frontend designer/developer, he people skills and business savviness pushed him out from the development side and into management. 

Caroline Bell-Ritchie

Jarislowsky Fraser
Vice Chair, Global Strategic Group

Developing and growing the firm’s private wealth business in Ontario as well as the ultra high net worth clientele globally. Has over 21 years of industry experience across several institutions including Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Most recently, Caroline was Managing Director and Vice President at Scotiabank where she headed the Ultra High Net Worth Relationship Management Group. Caroline is the Co-Founder and Chairperson Emeritus of Project Sunshine Canada, a non-profit organization that provides free educational, recreational and social programs to children and families living with medical challenges. She also sits on the Canadian Board for 100 Women in Finance.

We provide service for all levels

and support you as you grow.


Start from your undergraduate/graduate degree

  • Start with us from wherever you are in your studies
  • From anywhere in the world
  • To anywhere in the world
  • No work experience needed
  • Must have sufficient English proficiency

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Learn to Grow

Progress into being taught by our renown professors

  • Gain insider knowledge into your field
  • Be mentored by professionals from around the globe
  • Be a part of a networking community
  • Learn soft skills needed to land any job; interview skills
  • Improve your CV and cover letter 
  • Learn topics not taught in universities/colleges from industry leaders

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Advance with Experience

Work with your professors, and advance with one foot in your preferred industry

  • Work with industry leaders
  • Take off in your field from CO-OP work term
  • Make lifetime networking contacts
  • Advance rapidly in the workforce with our resources
  • Provide yourself with a lifetime experience
  • Advance rapidly in a short term
  • Gain significant work experience
  • Learn about important topics with a wide spectrum of fields to better understand the global world

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