School Of Blockchain


GGSJ Centre of Digital Management and Technology Innovation




Academics and business leaders offer this course to individuals who want to know the theory and practice of blockchains in various industries.


In Parthership With 


Prof. Luis seco

GGSj CEO, Director MMF, University of Toronto, Risklab Director

Luis Seco is the Director of the Mathematical Finance Program and Professor of Mathematics at the University of Toronto. Prof. Seco holds a Ph.D. from Princeton University, is the director of RiskLab.

Romeo Ware

Stonepaper, CEO

Romeo is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully developed technical startups through all stages, building projects ranging from automating the process of applying for driver’s licenses to the mobile solution for Point of Sales system, and creating The Hockey Hall of Fame’s Virtual Tours

Aris feng

Product Management

Graduate of the GGSJ Centre and of the University of Toronto, started his career in the boundary between health sciences and technology

Matthew Rappard


A graduate of Ryerson University, he started his career in television production while working at major networks such as CBC and Corus. He switched into the development and production of interactive content for YTV, W Network, CBC Television, and BlackBerry through Loop media. He used his skills in this emerging field as a Special Effects Director.

Josie Valotta

Program Coordinator

Josie Valotta is a program coordinator at the University of Toronto and at the GGSj Centre. She holds a bachelor degree from the University of Toronto

Rolton Edwards

Enterprise Governance Specialist Senior PM

Experienced professional in the health, wellness and fitness industry on the one hand, and business development and Electrical Engineering on the technical side. His application areas have also extended into the Social Media, Rail Transport, Electronics, and Wireless Technologies.

ivy wang

GGSJ Centre – China Initiatives Lead

RiskLab – University of Toronto

Senior Risk Advisor, Ontario Financing Authority, Ministry of Finance