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for A successful career

GGSJ Centre leverages the international University network to create custom educational programs to help companies develop talent and help individuals with their career objectives

Started by academics at the University of Toronto, GGSJ Centre works with Universities and companies worldwide to create educational programs that make a difference to people’s professional careers.



Student Testimonials

Aris Feng
Digital & Emerging Tech


“I joined the CO-OP program shortly after receiving  a Bachelor’s degree. I was so excited to learn what the industry currently needs.

As a result of the study, I secured a position at a Blockchain company. I recommend this program to all those who are looking for the key to start their professional careers and want to build up meaningful connections in the industry”

Erica Roa
fixed income analyst

Mackenzie Investments

“This program helped me understand the landscape covered by Blockchain, Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning; providing me with a better comprehension of their potential and their limitations, as well as their practical application from subject matter experts”

Lucia Lopez
ESG analyst

NEI Investments

“This course equipped me with the foundations of technologies in a tangible way. I believe that the course will allow me to position myself as a bridge between the technical and non-technical terms in any organization”

Ming Zhou
Teaching assistant

Ryerson University

“In the CO-OP program, I have learned statistic knowledge, basic algorithms of Machine Learning and applied them in real life cases. In the classes professors assigned students into small groups and taught us from the simple to difficult parts gradually

I successfully obtained admission to the master program offer from my idea graduate school ”